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Stepper motor ramp controller using the Arduino

This is a basic example of controlling a stepper motor using an Arduino. I’ve coded from scratch a function that allows the motor to ramp up (accelerate) and ramp down (decelerate) based on a specified rate. The code uses the … Continue reading

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More About my Midi mixer

After a couple of requests for a tutorial I figured I’d provide ya’ll with some more information about my arduino midi mixer. I’m not going to make a step by step tutorial because that’s impractical. If you want to do … Continue reading

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Arduino Midi Mixer

This is an Arduino based midi mixer. It sends midi signals over USB in response to the movement of the potentiometers. These standard midi signals that any program an interpret. I’ve tested it in Traktor and Ableton Live. The mixer … Continue reading

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Arduino Magnetic Stripe Reader

This is my implementation of the magstripe reader application for the Arduino microcontroller. The goal of entry is to provide a precise guide on how to hookup a magstripe reader and get it working. This project is based on the … Continue reading

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