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4chan Image Downloader – Version 7

I’m releasing a new version of 4cdl. Turns out I made a mistake in the GUI and no one told me the program wasn’t working until yesterday. Damn near a month… I have no idea if I’m going to continue … Continue reading

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Anti-Spam Script Updated

Recently I’ve been getting some spam form “banned” IPs. Turns out the PHP script I posted was only blocking the first and last IP address in my list. Well, I updated it and it works for the whole list now. … Continue reading

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4chan Image Downloader – Version 6

Brand new version of 4cdl, with an actual NEW feature. It is now an option to backup the original thread! The thumbnails are now downloaded and all image links are fully functional. Look in the readme for instructions if you … Continue reading

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4chan Image Downloader – Version 3

Version 3 is released! Some minor changes: I just removed a little redundancy Download and install the new version, it should overwrite old files. Download: 4cdl Installer v3 source v3

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IP Logger Plugin Doesn’t Work With WordPress 2.9

Just as the title says the IP Logger plugin does not work with WordPress Version 2.9. This plugin is the reason my site was down for half the day. We’re back though! IP Logger

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All New

That’s right, wordpress! I got sick of Flatpress. It was good but not a reliable as I need. Also you couldn’t really view it in IE. I’ll try and get my old posts up as fast as I can and … Continue reading

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