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Run Linux from Windows off a USB Drive with Shared Folders

A while ago I came across this: Apparently Damn Small Linux distributes an embedded version that is less than 60mb extracted that you can run from a flash drive. I installed it a while back and it works fine … Continue reading

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Rapidshare Download Scheduler

A download scheduler that waits a random amount of time between downloads. This is good for ISPs that limit bandwidth. It saves a download list, download path and wait interval specifications. Written in AutoIt and partially inspired by FlashGet.

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Arduino Midi Mixer

This is an Arduino based midi mixer. It sends midi signals over USB in response to the movement of the potentiometers. These standard midi signals that any program an interpret. I’ve tested it in Traktor and Ableton Live. The mixer … Continue reading

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Arduino Magnetic Stripe Reader

This is my implementation of the magstripe reader application for the Arduino microcontroller. The goal of entry is to provide a precise guide on how to hookup a magstripe reader and get it working. This project is based on the … Continue reading

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Resize Gmail Images

When I open a picture in Gmail it opens at 100%. I can’t see the whole image at once because new cameras have such high resolutions. I found this greasemonkey script: It resizes all images to 75% the width … Continue reading

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Join Multiple Files – .001

I download a lot of stuff and sometimes I get a few files that are split into sequentially numbered parts. It’s a pain to use HJSplit to join each one at a time. I found this: Put Join32.exe in … Continue reading

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All New

That’s right, wordpress! I got sick of Flatpress. It was good but not a reliable as I need. Also you couldn’t really view it in IE. I’ll try and get my old posts up as fast as I can and … Continue reading

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