4chan Image Downloader – Version 9

Another update to the 4cdl script. When archiving the webpage it will show the image thumbnail and fix the links to the downloaded images.

The page does not display completely, this is because of 4chan’s recent changes. I do not plan on preserving this formatting. The point of the program is to archive content.

Download Installer

Source Code

Thanks to the people that bring these issues to my attention and give me reason to fix them. Cheers!

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3 Responses to 4chan Image Downloader – Version 9

  1. Robert says:

    Any way to make it firefox plugin and being customisable with different pages?

  2. Calvin says:

    Sorry. My program is written in AutoIt as a Windows application. Making it a firefox plugin would require a complete re-write.

  3. James says:

    Ver9 for some reason no longer works with 4chan. Just keeps displaying the message “nothing to download”. I would love this to be fixed as I have yet to come across a better program. Thanks.

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