4chan Image Downloader – Version 7

I’m releasing a new version of 4cdl. Turns out I made a mistake in the GUI and no one told me the program wasn’t working until yesterday. Damn near a month… I have no idea if I’m going to continue this much longer since no one told me there was an issue for nearly a month.

Visit the main page with embedded source.

Newest version:
4cdlv7 Installer


I might as well give the guy that told me about it a plug; check out his blog at http://vistro.net

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9 Responses to 4chan Image Downloader – Version 7

  1. Hangman says:

    I promise to tell you next time when I encounter a problem >.< I've been quite busy lately and because my install of Windows is quite recent I wasn't sure if it was a fault on my part. Please continue with development, it's a very well built program (:

  2. Calvin says:

    Copy the thread URL to your clipboard. If it doesn’t start a command window press the ‘Force Download’ button. I don’t have a Windows 7 machine available to verify compatibility.

  3. Axilios says:

    I already tried, but no, still nothing. I will try on a computer with vista tomorrow, to be sure that the problem is with seven, and not with me who don’t know how to do things correctly ~~

  4. nik says:

    Thanks for all the great work man, i have XP so it should work perfectly,
    only one problem,

    why do certain thread downloads suddenly close for no reason, about the only thing i have a problem with,
    i start downloading 10 threads, 10 command prompts get out as usual,
    and when one closes for some reason, it bugs me that i have to go through all of them and threads to compare thread numbers to find out which one has been closed to force it.

    anyway thanks man for the great work

  5. Carl says:

    Hi, It seems to be working on Vista Service pack 2 home premium.

    If anyone is having troubles ‘copying to clipboard’ literally means selecting the url and ctrl+c.
    It opened a command prompt and I can visually see it downloading the files every few second or so.

    Just found and installed today. So hopefully I’m helping? 😛
    cuz you sure are helping me o;

  6. Calvin says:

    If you change the regular expression to include 4chan.org instead of just 4chan it should fix that.

    It’s a pretty minor bug and I’ve been pretty busy for the last couple months and haven’t managed to release a new version.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Calvin says:

    I noticed this too but I have no clue what the problem is.

    It’s possible that 4chan is blocking access because you’re making a lot of requests. But it happens to me when I’m only downloading a single thread. If you find ANY information about it or a pattern let me know.

  8. pedobear says:

    You now what? You should be God or something else! Fantastic blog!

  9. Baldur says:

    Thank you so much for this great program, keep up the great work man, it works perfectly, apart from some issues where the command prompts sometimes close themselves by themselves forcing me to force download.
    Might be a better way towards downloading than those command windows,
    maybe something that instead of them, is in one window, and makes tabs like in Opera or Mozilla or something, there is a thought.

    In any case thanks and great work.

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