Arduino Midi Mixer

This is an Arduino based midi mixer. It sends midi signals over USB in response to the movement of the potentiometers. These standard midi signals that any program an interpret. I’ve tested it in Traktor and Ableton Live. The mixer uses 13 potentiometers and two 4051 multiplexers to read all of the pots.


I soldered headers to the wires that connect to the microcontroller. The headers make using the same arduino board for multiple projects a snap.

I should paint it but I don’t have the facilities here at school. I did the “metal work” at home during Christmas vacation with only a drill press, Sawz-all and Dremel.

The code is sloppy and there are a lot of commented out areas. I plan on making a pair of touch sensitive jog wheels using a mouse and the PS/2 library for the Arduino so it has provisions for capacitive sensors. I don’t know when that will happen but I have most of the materials that I need to do it.

Additional information available in this post:

Here’s the code.






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10 Responses to Arduino Midi Mixer

  1. Bionik says:

    I saw your project, and I want to tell you that I’m planning to do a very similiar mixer. Can you possibly give me your schematics? 🙂 Please answer in email.

  2. JaGi says:


    Very good…i plan to do like the same…but i’ve a very little experience on arduino and scripting.

    I would be very happy if you post more on your woks.

    Also the PS/2 mouse to jog wheel….

    Good work.

  3. kenneth says:

    can you put a tutorial please, this is the unique proyect for arduino.

  4. jamieriddles says:

    Can I ask where you got the linear pots? I’m planning to build a bigger version of this (~30 faders) and I cannot seem to find a good source for them and the plastic tips.

  5. Calvin says:

    The potentiometers all came from Digikey; sorry I don’t have any of those faders in my apartment at school so I can’t tell you the model number.. The caps for the faders came from Electronics Goldmine. They don’t carry them anymore it seems.

  6. Niels says:

    I am doing such a project too,
    you can use an analog mixer and put resistors parallel with the faders, then they will be as good as linear.

  7. Jacopo says:

    I’m planning to do a similiar mixer. Can you possibly give me your schematics? Hi!

  8. Alexander M says:

    is this MAC osX compatible ? thank you. nice work

  9. Nemanja says:

    Hello my friend, i very liked your project, so great thing you do.
    Is there a easy way for me to spend very vey litle of your time, and ask you, please , to send me some schematic and eventualy a code of this beautifull work. Or to help me how to connect 3 multiplexer & 24 pots on duemilanove, and how to code it. Please ignore my bad english. I am sorry because i asking from you so much, but in our contry, we don t have anyone who can help us in this projects.
    Thank you in advence from the bottom of my heart, and best regards!

  10. Calvin says:

    Never tried, it should be. It uses standard Midi commands and serial connection.

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