Stepper motor ramp controller using the Arduino

This is a basic example of controlling a stepper motor using an Arduino. I’ve coded from scratch a function that allows the motor to ramp up (accelerate) and ramp down (decelerate) based on a specified rate. The code uses the basic Arduino Stepper.h library. While other libraries have acceleration built in, this might be useful to some.

This ramping example could be used to control virtually anything using a PWM output and a solid state relay. Temperature is a common application of controlled ramping.

Features include:

  • Ramping (acceleration) up and down
  • Potentiometer to set speed
  • Enable/disable button with debounce routine
  • Limit switch input to detect the home position, end position and the locations where ramping up/down should begin

Download Source Code


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The Colorado Mile

If you came here looking for my videos from The Colorado Mile (Sept. 4-6) then please visit my YouTube channel:

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4chan Image Downloader – Version 9

Another update to the 4cdl script. When archiving the webpage it will show the image thumbnail and fix the links to the downloaded images.

The page does not display completely, this is because of 4chan’s recent changes. I do not plan on preserving this formatting. The point of the program is to archive content.

Download Installer

Source Code

Thanks to the people that bring these issues to my attention and give me reason to fix them. Cheers!

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Craigslist Warning Skipper

Craigslist changed their link format. I’ve updated my warning skipper greasemonkey script.

Download it here.

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4chan Image Downloader – Version 8

I updated the downloader to work with HTTPS that was recently implemented.

Let me know if you find any bugs!

Download installer

Download source

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Image Sorter Update

Found a problem in my Image Sorter program thanks to a reader.

I’ve fixed it and you can redownload the files here!

Source Code


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Printable Bar Graph in HTML

I needed to make a graph on a web page and I didn’t want to use images because then they would have to be accessible to the end user. I was scouring the Internet trying to find a solution to this problem.

Turns out the <div> and <span> tags are great for this. The problem is you can’t print them unless you have Print Background Images enabled in your browser. I found a work around for this: use the same <div> or <span> tags to make your rectangle but instead of setting the dimensions of the box and the fill color just set the height and the border width to the size you need.

Here is how I make horizontal bars that will print in any browser:

<SPAN style=’border-left: black 100px solid; display: inline-block; height: 10px></SPAN>

That line will make a black rectangle that is 100 pixels long and 10 pixels high. Just change the border width and color for each additional bar.

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Skip the Warnings on Craigslist

I browse craigslist a lot and the constant warnings presented before visiting the jobs, cars or personals can be annoying. This script will rewrite the links for all those sections so you can go straight to the listings.

Download Greasemonkey Script.

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How to Delete Unchecked Songs in iTunes

Here is how I delete unchecked iTunes songs from my hard drive with a script I wrote in Python. An executable version is also available.

Download the executable version here.

Download the Python script here.

Complete instructions are in the full version of this post.

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GTO Floor Mat Buttons

The 2004-2006 Pontiac GTOs have a small issue with the plastic clips that hold the floor mats in. These buttons are made of plastic and rely on very small fingers to hold them in place. It is very easy to snap these clips.

I went ahead and modeled these fasteners.

Download the full SolidWorks model here.

Sure, you can just buy a set of these for $40 on eBay, but maybe someone wants to machine or mold their own? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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